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    Again soooo many amazing words on these papers, it’s so hard to pick just one. I chose Betty’s quote on page 283 “sexual energy isn’t male or female, John, it’s already been harnessed by religion and society in general. That’s the problem. We need to learn to release this powerful energy to experience more pleasure.” This quote really stood out for me because in my own experience I have observed that while control has tended to be my coping mechanism throughout life, what I really needed, what healed me, and what created real life for me was releasing. Allowing my emotions, allowing my experiences, releasing the energy that was coupled in those things was truly and utterly meeting myself for the first time. Once I knew me I could love me. And once I released sexual fears and just experienced my own sexuality I could get to know me sexually, I could care for my sexual self, tend to my sexual self, and, cherish my sexual self.