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Emma Snellgrove

    There were many things that stood out when reading BUZZ, the Presbyterianism  women whom where trying to create sexual release for themselves while navigating an anti feminist environment. Which is still alive today.

    Being a lover of Her-story/ History, I love love loved the archaeological findings of dildos and phallus’s as far back as BCE and further still .  I find it fascinating how we  always celebrated sexuality but over time it became repressed and subjected to shame and guilt, yet the book details how we as a human race despite the repression in some cultures have always found a way to connect to our sexuality. The waves of revival that come and go through ages, for example sales men going door to door selling dildos in 1900’s  and then forward to Betty’s time and people having dildos and vibrators in sex parties and once again becoming a common place to live, in the bedside cabinet. I like the point she makes about Williams  flipping consumerism on it’s head; shopping doesn’t need to be an idle past time for women but an act of sexual awakening. Williams focus on Betty trailblazing the path for a women’s sexual revolution is so brilliant since its  subjugation since Biblical times.

    I appreciate that in chap 8 that Lieberman covers a great deal of Betty’s life’s work, so even if you’re not studying Betty’s Dodson, you get a very direct feel of her activism. The message that woman can enjoy pleasure as much as men and not relay on men for their pleasure is still to this day such strong message for us women. And that we can have more fun with or without a lover, it’s our choice.