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    Chapter 4:

    “For Dodson, masturbation was the key to women’s liberation because masturbation was the first stepping-stone to sexual freedom. This was a radical idea then, even among radical feminists. How could touching yourself in private, such an insular and seemingly selfish activity, actually be a form of liberation? According to Dodson philosophy, masturbation was liberating because it allowed women to learn about their bodies’ own sexual responses. Until women knew how to bring themselves pleasure, they would not be able to take control of their own sexuality. A woman could not have a successful sexual relationship without knowing how to give herself orgasms because they would not be able to transmit that knowledge to their partners, she said.” (74)

    If Master and Johnson have taking masturbation out of the closet, Betty has putting it out in plain sight. Putting masturbation at the forefront is a revolutionary idea and still is because of the ongoing taboo surrounding female independent pleasure and sexuality. The culture teaches us that women are meant to take care of others but themselves and Betty is claiming the exact opposite: you have to take care of yourself first and put your pleasure on the top priority list. It is quite a radical feminist statement even today.